Cancer and bereavement counselling – helping you work through your emotions

Our expert cancer and bereavement counselling service is here to support everyone affected by a diagnosis or loss. None of us exist in isolation. Our connections with our family, friends and the wider world form part of who we are. When someone we love dies it can feel as though a part of you is gone and this can be utterly disorienting. Some people describe feeling as though they are in an alien landscape, or that they feel flung around in a whirlpool of grief. Others may feel nothing - just numb, angry, guilty or all of the above. Grief comes in many guises.

However, grief is a normal and natural process that takes time and work to get through, which is where we come in.

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Cancer bereavement counselling. We're here to help

Having time with a counsellor, someone who is not part of your everyday life, can provide an anchor. A steady weekly space gives you time to make sense of all that you are experiencing. Being heard and understood and accepted, no matter what, can release some of the pressure, like easing the top off a bottle of lemonade that has been shaken too much.

For younger people needing specialist cancer bereavement counselling, we also have dedicated children's practitioners, many who also specialise in play therapy and use our fully equipped play rooms to help them express and work through their feelings, emotions they may struggle to express through traditional face-to-face talking sessions.

Get in touch and see how our counsellors could help you cope with feelings of loss, hopelessness, helplessness and depression.

Click here to download a leaflet about bereavement in adults

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Who we have helped with cancer and bereavement counselling

Jane's story

Coping with both cancer and bereavement.
Read Jane's story

Mark's story

“CancerCare has helped me face the future with positivity.”
Read Mark's story

Rachel's story

Around a third of the people who use the professional counselling services at CancerCare do so to help them come to terms with bereavement.
Read Rachel's story

It was as if CancerCare wrapped their arms around our whole family.

The craig family testimonial Sue Craig Counselling client from Dalton-in-Furness

I was very sceptical at first as I wasn’t sure how it would help but I can honestly say it has made a massive difference to my life. After I have had a treatment from Liz, I feel so much better. On a scale of one to ten, I feel like a ‘nine’ and revitalised.

Michael callan testimonial Michael Callan Reflexology client from Barrow, Michael Callan

I was catastrophising, always imagining the worst about situations, but David helped me to think things through and together we could work out practical ways to alleviate the uncertainties I had. We didn’t always spend 45 minutes talking about cancer. We talked about other things that were on my mind too, like the COVID restrictions or my dog Willow needing an operation of her own. It was all part of feeling better.

James thorpe testimonial James Thorp Counselling client from Lancaster

I was in a bit of a bad state mentally, so I contacted CancerCare. I can’t describe what a difference counselling with Jan has made. She was immediately so welcoming and supportive and has a gift for helping you talk your way round to where you need to get to which has enabled me to face the future with positivity.

Mark grayson testimonial Mark Grayson Counselling client from Lancaster

Just having someone to listen is wonderful and she encouraged me to challenge and explore the way I was thinking about things, past and present, and that helped me ‘re-frame’ the way I was feeling.

Rachel eardley testimonial Rachel Eardley Bereavement counselling client from Kendal