Coping with cancer diagnosis

Are you coping with cancer diagnosis or bereavement and live in North Lancashire or South Cumbria? Being diagnosed with cancer or losing a loved one is a huge life event. The enormity of it can be frightening, isolating and overwhelming. We are here.

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Coping with cancer diagnosis

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Coping with cancer diagnosis or bereavement? We are here to help you.

In such a situation mental strength and physical well-being are vital and at CancerCare we have decades of experience helping people cope with the maelstrom of emotions caused by cancer and grief. We also have know-how to help answer any practical questions you may need answers to.

We can support you in all sorts of ways, from counselling to therapy, group sessions and activities, or just a friendly chat and some moral support.

Everyone and every situation is unique, and we know that. Please, get in touch today.

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