Complaints Policy

Concerns (complaints) and compliments are an essential part of CancerCare’s ability to deliver services.

The experience of service users must be viewed as a positive opportunity to monitor services CancerCare delivers and also to reflect on how these can be improved.

CancerCare aims to provide good quality services but recognises that things can sometimes go wrong and misunderstandings do happen. Where they do, we need to know so we can put them right. Complaints are inevitable but we choose to learn from them and see them as a positive way of making improvements or changes in the way we provide services.

The Complaints Policy is intended to protect the rights of all service users by encouraging a fair and open resolution of individual concerns. It will assist in the overall improvement of our services by maintaining both standards of professional practice and confidence in the service.

CancerCare hopes that we can resolve issues in an informal way wherever possible. If you feel able to we encourage you to raise the issue with a member of staff in the first instance. If you remain dissatisfied or feel the matter is too serious to be raised in this way then we encourage you to use the formal route for the resolution.

CancerCare also recognises that clients may also wish to give a compliment for services they have received or thanks to a staff member or team. This can be done in writing, in person or by telephone. The CEO will ensure thanks and appreciations are passed to the relevant employee or team.