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27 February 2024

A community fundraiser like no other!

Bringing the community together to climb a mountain.

Latest News
27 February 2024

One of our local community fundraisers has gathered a team of people to climb the height of Mount Everest at her pole fitness studio.

Bex Mitchell from BexPoles Studio in Carnforth got in touch with us to talk about a fundraiser she was planning: climbing the height of Mount Everest at her studio.

This would mean climbing a 3m pole an incredible 2,950 times!

This is no easy task for one person so Bex contacted her local community and managed to get them involved in her fundraiser.

The motivation behind the epic challenge is a personal one, with Bex’s husband Matt currently undergoing chemotherapy for Lymphoma. CancerCare Lancaster have been a support for Bex’s family along Matt’s cancer journey as their children have been attending weekly counselling sessions with us as well, going to the Re-Fresh peer support group.

The entire challenge was shown daily on Instagram through reels and photographs of the local community getting together at the studio and climbing the poles. The first pole was an emotional watch as Matt climbed the pole and rang the bell himself. After this Bex posted videos - from people climbing the pole upside down, to our very own Re-Fresh and Fundraising teams heading along for a climb.

Every climb counted towards the total and between them they managed to climb 8,850 meters - the equivalent of Mount Everest. In another touching video we saw the final climb completed by all the instructors and Bex herself, which made this all the more special for her and her husband to start and end the climb.

We are amazed by all of the hard work put into this unique fundraising event and Bex and her team managed to raise an amazing amount, smashing her original target and raising over £4,200 including GiftAid. This donation will be used to help CancerCare continue their vital work in the local community offering help to people and families affected by a cancer diagnosis or bereavement.

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