If you have been diagnosed, or are being treated for cancer, counselling can help in a number of different ways. Our counsellors are all accredited with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

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What is it?

Counselling is one-to-one talking therapy with a fully qualified professional.

What does it involve?

The majority of our counselling clients come into one of our centres for sessions in a comfortable and peaceful counselling room. For clients who may be unable to travel to a centre, or may not be feeling well-enough to do so, we also offer online counselling session via platforms such as Zoom and also the telephone.

How it can help?

If you have been diagnosed with, or are being treated for, cancer counselling can help in a number of different ways.

Talking to someone who is not a doctor, a member of your family or circle of friends can help you to cope better with the many, and often overwhelming emotions you may be feeling about your future, your family or your treatment.

If you are wary of “over burdening” your loved ones in order to protect them, talking can help you express your inner emotions freely which can help reduce your stress levels and help you cope much better with everyday life.

Many of our clients say that their counselling sessions are an “oasis in their week,” an opportunity for them to vent their emotions and express their inner anxieties without fear of judgement or upsetting someone they hold dear.

Our experienced counsellors can also help you cope with anxiety caused by aspects of the treatment process including fears or phobias about needles, side-effects of medication or surgical procedures.

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