The Alexander Technique

A gentle hands-on technique guided by a practitioner who will show you how to improve your posture and the way you move.

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What is it?

The Alexander Technique teaches skills you can put into practise for yourself in everyday life to help manage stress, calm the nervous system and improve wellbeing. Through the development of body awareness and new focus of thinking, it helps you change unhelpful patterns of tension. It enables greater ease of movement, poise and sense of calm.

What does it involve?

Teachers of the Alexander Technique use quiet ‘hands on’ touch, observation and voice. Working in stillness and simple movements, you learn to stop, to let go of unnecessary tension, and to find new ways of being and moving. You remain fully clothed apart from footwear.

How can it help you?

The Alexander Technique is a tool that helps people look after themselves and feel more in control. It can help with anxiety and stress related conditions; back, neck and joint pain; muscle tension and stiffness; poor posture; breathing and vocal problems.

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