Pay It Forward Challenge

£300k in three years. Help us help your community at a time of unprecedented need.

Pay It Forward Today

It is undeniable that the pandemic has had a devastating impact on cancer diagnosis, cancer treatments and cancer support services for thousands of men, women and children in your local community. At CancerCare we are already experiencing the fallout of the pandemic with an increase in demand for our counselling and therapy services across all our centres. We are under no illusion that more people will require access to our services over the coming years, and we want to make sure we can help as many people as possible, which is why we're launching our Pay It Forward Challenge.

  • What does pay it forward mean?
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    Paying it forward is an act of kindness or a good deed that can help improve the life of someone else in the future. Whether it’s paying an extra £2 for a latte at a coffee shop so a homeless person can enjoy a warming winter drink or mowing an elderly neighbour’s lawn, “paying it forward” can be seen as the very essence of humanity encapsulated in a small but thoughtful gesture.

How Can You Get Involved?

We're reaching out to all users of our services to contribute whatever you can to help us assist as many men, women and children as we can in Lancashire and Cumbria going through their own cancer journey. It costs around £100 to deliver just one counselling or therapy session and this is funded by the generosity of donations from the local communities we serve. No matter how big or small your contribution, it all makes a difference.

We hope that you will see the value in the services that you have received, and many continue to receive, from the CancerCare team and if you can Pay It Forward for another cancer patient or family member to benefit from the support of our amazing team and make their own journey more manageable, then our team can help those who need us at a very difficult time.


Pay It Forward Today

You can donate anytime online or at donation stations in the reception areas of all our centres. Thank you!

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