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05 August 2022

Toni Riddick’s Profit pledge 

A unique creation of natural and organic ingredients, designed to help with detoxing and gut health. Toni Riddick has created just that, and hundreds of locals have benefited from her smoothie seed mix.

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Latest News
05 August 2022

Toni Riddick came to CancerCare for support in late 2017 after going through treatment for aggressive Triple Negative Breast Cancer. After five months of chemotherapy, a lumpectomy, four weeks of radiotherapy, and taking part in a medical trial Toni was referred for counselling at our Slynedales centre in Lancaster to help her cope with what she had experienced.

“CancerCare was a safe space to help me work through my emotions and the way I was feeling after treatment. It was a place I could come to, to unload and I couldn’t have worked through what I was dealing with without the support from my wonderful counsellor,” said Toni.

Not only did Toni’s treatment leave her feeling battered, bruised and isolated, she also felt in need of something to cleanse her body and boost her energy levels. This is where the idea for her seed mix came in.

Toni decided to create a natural food source to help with a range of issues such as bloating, inflammation, IBS, low immune system, emotions, and well-being. After experimenting, she hit upon the idea use in a smoothie mix, which blended nicely with natural ingredients to help create a happy healthy gut.

She then decided to sell her seed mix and donate £2 from each one sold to CancerCare over a 12-month period which raised an amazing £488!

“CancerCare holds a special place in my heart, and I wanted to give something back. I’m proud to have achieved this goal because I know it will give someone else the opportunity to receive the same invaluable support I did and hopefully change a life.”

Her seed mix has proved so popular that Toni has decided to travel around the UK in a truck to promote it and spread awareness of the benefits of natural ingredients far and wide.

Click the button below to join Toni’s group and find out more about her seed mix.

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