01 July - 31 July 2024

Dare2Dip Every Day July!

Commit to a cracking cold water challenge every day throughout July!

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01 July - 31 July 2024

We saw some very dedicated Dare2Dippers taking on the Dare2Dip every day in January. Well the weather is warming up now, taking a cold dip seems like a good idea to cool down on a summer day.

Dare2Dip…EVERY DAY throughout July!

We wanted to give you a REAL challenge so, if you are into wild swimming or just fancy taking a daily icy bath, you can experience the health benefits of cold water – such as boosting your immune system and your mental health – and raise money for CancerCare doing it!

Join our Dare2Dip Every Day and we’ll give you a fun, activity tracker which you can use to record your achievements throughout the month and share with us so we can shout about how amazing you are on social media! Set up a Just Giving fundraising page and we’ll also give you one of our exclusive, giant Dare2Dip foam hands to show your friends!


There's loads of exciting stuff you could be doing as part of a group, with your family or on your own! Ideas include:

  • A quick blast in a cold shower
  • Dip in the sea, river or lake
  • Dig the kids' paddling pool out of the shed
  • Try our cold water therapy pod

In January, Hannah and Adam (pictured above) did a dip every day in the freezing cold weather. Hannah said:

"Doing Dare2Dip in January was as hard as it was amazing. It surprisingly brightened up what is otherwise quite a tricky month for most to get through… We all know there are 8 million days in January. Dare2Dip gave us a daily challenge, and yes there were some days we didn’t want to do it, but then we remembered the charity and all those that go through the most difficult time of their lives, so we did it for them and for us. I’d recommend it, not only for the health benefits, but what determination it takes and how by the end of it, you will love not only the impact you’ve made on a well deserving charity, but the benefits you will see by cold water plunging every day."

Also, click here to read all about the incredible health benefits of open water swimming and cold water immersion courtesy of our Dare2Dip partners Project Cold who organise hundreds of open water swimming events across north Lancashire each year.

So, what are you waiting for, take the plunge and join the hundreds of people who have already raised thousands of pounds to help real people in our community coping with cancer and grief.

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