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21 November 2023

D2D Everyday in January!

Fancy taking on a New Year challenge? Why not ensure that it is the chilliest, but kindest one you have ever made!?

D2 D in Jan 2680 x 1344 px
Latest News
21 November 2023


Looking to kick off New Year with a challenge to improve your mind, body and spirit?! Why not ensure it is the chilliest, but kindest one you have ever undertaken!?

We're taking our cold water challenge into 2024 with a special Dare2Dip Every Day in January month-long open water swimming fest!

What better way to wash away the excesses of the festive season, boost your health and raise money for CancerCare in the process?

2023 saw dozens of open water swimming enthusiasts leaping into lakes across Lancashire and Cumbria. All had loads of fun, boosted their well-being and raised thousands of pounds for local people coping with cancer and loss.

Open water swimming is one of the fastest growing communities in the UK with thousands of people discovering the joys of cold water immersion and enjoying meeting new friends in the great outdoors.

So, why not kick off the New Year by taking yourself out of your comfort zone, doing something amazing and setting yourself up for a happy, healthy and successful 2024!

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