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20 September 2021

The benefits of creative group therapy

Geoff completes beautiful jewellery box

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Latest News
20 September 2021

It has been whirlwind of drilling, sawing and routing in the wood workshop at our Kendal centre, this week.

There are some amazing pieces that come out of there, including this beautiful cherry and maple jewellery box that has been created by group member Geoff Worden.

Geoff has been coming to the group for around two years after hearing about us while recovering from surgery for prostate cancer.

Prior to his diagnosis he had been very sporty, but after his treatment he began looking for a more sedate pastime so decided to indulge his interest in working with wood.

Geoff said: “I came to the group as an absolute novice but the tutor Tom has been fantastic showing me the basics and then leading on to more advanced techniques such as dovetailing which I used to create the box.”

Woodworking also helped provide Geoff, who is retired, with an outlet during the pandemic lockdowns during which he enjoyed working on projects in the garage at his home in Halton near Lancaster.

“Most of the people who come to the group have experience of cancer so know a bit about what you are going through. We don’t dwell on it but people don’t mind talking about it. It is quite relaxing being around people who know that you have been through the ringer,” said Geoff.

Geoff plans to give his wonderful creation away as a present.

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