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03 June 2024

An exercise a day for 58 days ahead of a 58th birthday!

Latest News
03 June 2024

It can be challenging to come up with new and inventive ways to raise money for local charities, but one long-term supporter of CancerCare has done just that with her unique fundraising challenge.

Ursula Brendling, who runs her own fitness company Ursula Training, showcased a different exercise every day for 58 days on her Instagram page in the run up to her 58th birthday.

On her birthday on 1st June, she ran an exercise class in Borrans Park, Ambleside, taking participants through all 58 exercises, before some of the group paddle-boarded across to Joey’s Café at Low Wray for some well-earned breakfast.

Ursula raised money via JustGiving and Instagram, and she also took a bucket collection on the day of the fitness class. The total figure raised is now £1637.70 and this money will go towards CancerCare’s mission of providing invaluable support to local people affected by cancer, life-shortening illnesses or bereavement.

To put the efforts into context, £10 can be used to pay for art supplies for our young people’s therapy, £30 will pay for an aromatherapy massage session and £100 will support three one-hour counselling sessions. Supporters like Ursula help to ensure that no one in the community has to face cancer, illness or loss alone.

Ursula has over 25 years of experience in fitness and training, and she had initially hoped to run a fundraiser during the year of her 60th birthday.

“But you never know what’s around the corner, so I thought 'why wait',” said Ursula. “My aim was to raise as much money as possible while encouraging more people to do exercise. I wanted to make sure the exercises fitted into a good sequence, and that everyone could do them. Often, you see exercises on Instagram that only 2% of the population can do, so it was important for me to be inclusive so everyone could take part.”

The challenge required a huge amount of dedication from Ursula, who never missed a day of posting, despite not being at home for periods of time.

“Some of the exercises were done in different locations, including on the Pennine Way and in Scotland when I was on holiday,” she said.

At 6am on 1st June, a group of 30 headed to Borrans Park. Joining was a participant who had travelled all the way from Durham!

Ursula continued: “We were lucky it was a lovely, sunny morning. We performed each exercise for a minute, breaking half-way through the session. Heading out on the paddleboards afterwards was a lovely way to celebrate.”

Ursula has shown an unwavering commitment to CancerCare over the years.

“I have friends who have suffered from cancer and have benefited from the various therapies and services CancerCare offer, and you never know when you might need them yourself,” she said. “Seeing the difference CancerCare makes in the community and the benefits they offer to local people is why I choose to support. It’s easy to get involved by setting up a JustGiving page, and the team at CancerCare are always helpful.”

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