on Tuesday, 06 January 2015.

Thirty year old Suzanne Cremin from Lancaster was rushed to hospital after experiencing severe stomach cramps which turned out to be gallstones. However, a routine ultrasound revealed she also had a rare form of kidney cancer, affecting around only 15 people each year in the UK

 “After my op to remove the tumour as well as half a kidney, I was just expected to get on with life and return to normal but I found that to be such a struggle. Cancer at 30 is the last thing you expect. I just lost all my confidence in life, all my plans and hopes for the future. I felt really depressed. But then my G.P referred me to CancerCare. It was the best thing he ever did.”

Following her referral, Suzanne was able to access free Hypnotherapy sessions at CancerCare.

“A lot of people think Hypnotherapy is just Paul McKenna type stuff but it’s much more than that. Hypnotherapy is like receiving an injection of positive thoughts. During the session you are put into a deep state of relaxation. It’s really helped me deal with my anxieties.”

“It has also brought some stability back into my life and given me motivation to start looking forward to my future – I’ve started exercising again, something I had previously given up on. And, I am also getting married next year to my wonderful finance! The wedding will be amazing, I can’t wait!”