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Staveley mum of two Sarah Abbott was diagnosed with breast cancer in
October 2011 and is now in recovery from her illness.

“People think that once you’ve had your chemotherapy then you get better. But
for me it was not like that at all. The cancer affected me in ways I didn’t think it
would. Although the Oncology team at the hospital were brilliant, once I had
finished all my treatment I felt completely lost. I no longer had that network of
support around me.”

“Cancer is so much more than a physical disease – it affects your confidence
and the way you feel about yourself. It also affects the rest of your family and
puts a huge strain on all your relationships. Our emotions were just all over the
place. Then I heard about CancerCare.”

“They offered me professional councelling and aromatherapy massage sessions
which made me feel so much better especially when I felt really poorly after
chemotherapy. Just being able to make time for you and feel pampered really
helped me come to terms with everything that had happened.”

“And CancerCare helped my husband too; he had hypnotherapy sessions to
help him sleep better and cope better with all the worry and stress. The way I
look at it is that the NHS took care of the cancer but CancerCare looked after
the rest of me and my family. The support they gave us was just as important.
It’s such a friendly welcoming place with genuinely caring staff. And I’ve also
met some great friends there.”