Creative group support activities

Creative group support activities. Learning new skills: making new friends

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Our creative group support activities programme is led by skilled and experienced artists and practitioners. Classes are warm, welcoming and tailor-made to offer the support you need alongside people who know exactly what you are going through. Lose yourself in creativity or boost your physical well-being!

  • Art
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    From charcoal to iPads! - The joy of creativity and the gift of friendship. Joining our art group will broaden your horizons and open your mind to all kinds of art from watercolour to photography and encourage you to explore creativity you never knew you had!

    Warm and welcoming, our art classes are led by practising artist Karen Slinger who will help you explore your imagination and creative boundaries in a supportive environment. These wonderful group sessions will help you build your confidence and to develop new skills while forging lasting friendships.

  • Woodwork
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    From coffee tables to rocking chairs, the craft and creativity of our woodwork group members knows no bounds!

    From our well-equipped workshop in Kendal, qualified tutor Tom Webster will help you get hands-on with wood and teach you how to use all the tools you’ll need to work on your perfect project, no matter how inexperienced you are.

    Working with wood is wonderfully liberating and you’ll lose yourself amidst all the sawing, turning, drilling and chiselling!

  • Creative metals
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    Art can be very therapeutic. Immerse yourself in the delicate intricacies of our silver jewellery classes and you’ll see why.

    Led by experience jewellery maker Rachel Hearne, they are among our most popular classes. Rachel will show you the techniques you’ll need to manipulate metals such as silver, brass and copper and create a unique piece of jewellery that will be a talking point among family and friends.

    It is inspiring to see members embark on a creative journey together, making new friends along the way and finish with a unique piece of artwork they can be proud of.

  • Pilates
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    Pilates is a technique that emphasis on improving core strength and general fitness. Our expert tutor Caroline Arnold will lead you through a series of gentle exercises to boost balance, flexibility and strength around the joints to protect them from pain and injury. Suitable for people of all levels of fitness.

  • Yoga
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    Practising yoga can help boost mood and reduce anxiety through guided breathing, movement, and meditation exercises. Our yoga classes are suitable for all abilities and are specially designed to improve quality of life and reduce the psychological stress caused by cancer diagnosis as well as helping manage the physical symptoms and side effects of treatment.