Knowing people care means so much to local mum

on Thursday, 24 November 2016. Tags CancerCare, Donations, Lancaster, North Lancashire, Slynedales, Support

A young mum from Lancaster, who is facing cancer for a second time in four years, has spoken out about the support she has received from CancerCare, thanks to the generosity of local people.

Thirty nine year old Jacqueline Sanderson has described CancerCare as the ‘backbone of our community’ after receiving support during treatment for skin cancer in 2012 and again this summer, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Jackie says; “When I was first referred to CancerCare by my G.P, I felt really scared and just panicked. Hearing the word ‘cancer’ is terrifying. I remember the first thing my daughter asked me- was I dying?

I think a lot of people don’t know what CancerCare are about and you just think, ‘ok, this is the end,’ but it’s not like that at all. They help make cancer less frightening. Everyone is so friendly and caring and they offer help to your whole family too. They are the backbone of support in our community.

Their support has helped me deal with things much better second time around, and encouraged me to be more open and honest with the kids and to talk more about how I’m feeling, which is really important."


Mum Jackie, who has two children aged ten & thirteen, is currently recovering at home following recent reconstructive surgery after her double mastectomy, and has been attending Counselling sessions at CancerCare’s Slynedales Centre in Lancaster.

“Cancer can happen to anyone. It’s so important that people like me have somewhere to turn to and can access support when they need it and I’m so grateful to CancerCare for being there. But we all need to give something back to them.

They are a local charity and rely on donations to survive. All the money they receive directly helps people just like me – I can vouch for that. And knowing people care means so much to me and my family. It feels like getting a warm hug from a friend.”

Jackie has also done her bit to help raise funds for CancerCare in the past by taking part in the Great North Swim and her husband Andrew recently raised over £1,600 in a skydiving challenge.

“The support Andrew got from family & friends was great. It helped him feel as if he was doing something positive and making a difference.”

It costs CancerCare £1million to provide their range of free cancer support services across North Lancashire & South Lakeland every single year and around 80% of the charity’s income comes directly from local community donations.

You can pledge a regular gift to CancerCare from as little as just £5 a month or make a one off donation here. Alternatively, you can send a cheque made payable to CancerCare North Lancashire & South Lakeland to Slynedales, Slyne Road, Lancaster, LA2 6ST.