Knocker Jotter Notebook/Journal

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Two breast cancer survivors known as the Scarletts have launched a unique project to raise awareness of cancer surgery, treatment and life beyond the disease, as well as vital funds for the charity who gave them support. 

A few months ago Andrea Partridge, CancerCare’s Volunteer and Engagement Co-ordinator, and Sarah Drake, a volunteer at the charity, met a lady who was about to undergo surgery as part of her treatment for breast cancer. She was terrified at the prospect – scarring, types of reconstruction, losing her femininity - all things that hundreds of women with a cancer diagnosis face every day.

Andrea and Sarah (aka The Scarletts) have both been through the same illness. They took time to talk to her, even showing her their scars, and this reassurance and support was enough to help her make decisions about her own treatment choices.

This act led to the beginnings of an inspirational project – The ‘Knocker Jotter’.

The Knocker Jotter is an attractive A5 lined book that can be used as a journal or notebook. It is hoped that, as people use it, they will be inspired by the images and quotes.

CoverText jotter

Everyone in the ‘Knocker Jotter’ is a member of Phoenix (an online support group supported by Lancaster based charity CancerCare) and has been, or is, going through the harrowing journey of cancer, the diagnosis, the treatment, the side effects and living with them all.

 Cancer, and particularly, breast cancer, attempts to strip women of their physicality, visual identity, taking their hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, nails and on many occasions, their breasts, leaving behind physical and mental scars. The ‘Scarletts’ wanted to share their personal experiences and let others know that whatever they may be going through, others have also faced it and no one needs to feel alone.



£ 3.60 each