Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for therapy?

No. All of CancerCare’s therapies are provided free of charge although sessions cost up to £35 per hour. Voluntary donations are therefore welcomed.

How many sessions can I have?

Session limits are generally up to: 20 sessions for Counselling and our Children and Young People’s Service, and between 6-12 sessions for all other Complementary therapies.

Where and when do sessions take place?

Sessions take place at one of our centres in Lancaster, Barrow or Kendal. Slynedales, Lancaster, is open until 8pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The Lakes Centre, Kendal is open till 8pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Appointments vary at Barrow - please enquire.

Are your therapists qualified?

Yes. All our therapists are qualified and experienced practitioners who meet the requirements of both national and local registering bodies and are fully insured.

Can my family access CancerCare?

Yes. Anyone affected by cancer and life limiting conditions are welcome. We also provide a service for children bereaved for any reason from 3-18 years old.

How do I cancel or re-arrange a session if I find I am unable to attend?

Please give us as much notice as possible as cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment still have to be paid for by CancerCare. Please ring 01524 381820. Sessions cancelled within 48 hrs of the appointment will be forfeited.

Can you help me with transport?

Yes. If you are struggling to get to our centre to attend your appointment then please ask a member of our Therapy Coordination Team or your Therapist for more information.

Does CancerCare help people with other conditions?

Yes. CancerCare works with anyone affected by cancer and also other potentially life limiting conditions including M.S and Motor Neurone Disease. If in doubt, please ask.

I would like to attend a support group – do I need to book in advance?

No. Please feel free to drop in to any of our monthly support groups.

Are you able to provide reminders about my appointments at CancerCare?

Yes, we can text you to remind you about your appointment either on the day or the day before. Just ask your therapist about this service.

Could I have more than one therapy at a time?

We recommend only one therapy at a time, however if there is a specific reason why you would wish to have dual therapies this can be discussed with a member of the Therapy Coordination Team.

Can I bring a friend or partner with me?

You can bring someone with you to the initial meeting and subsequently to wait in the lounge for you.

Are my personal details held securely and in confidence?

Your details are kept on a secure database. They are confidential within CancerCare. You can ask to see them by writing to the Head of Client Services at CancerCare.

Will it be possible for me to physically access the building and rooms within CancerCare as I have poor mobility?

Each of our centres has a client lift. All of our therapy rooms are therefore accessible. In your first session with a therapist they will discuss your personal needs and make appropriate arrangements.

I have mental health difficulties. Will I be able to access CancerCare?

Yes. The only thing we would say is that we would not usually provide counselling if you are receiving psychological services elsewhere.

Is it possible for me to return to CancerCare at a later date, should a further need arise?

After one lot of sessions we would encourage you to have a break from coming to see how you cope, however you can always get back in touch with us at a later date to see whether there is anything further we can do to support you.

Does CancerCare receive funding from my local NHS or government?

Cancercare receive around 20% funding from our local NHS trust therefore voluntary donations are the single most important source of income at CancerCare.

I would like to make a regular donation to CancerCare. How do I go about this?

The easiest and quickest way to make a regular donation to CancerCare is by setting up a monthly direct debit. Visit our donations page for more information. Alternatively, you can write a cheque for the amount you wish to donate made payable to CancerCare North Lancashire & South Cumbria and either hand it in to reception or post to Slynedales, Slyne Road, Lancaster, LA2 6ST.

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