Children & Young People’s Service

The impact of a cancer diagnosis, serious illness or loss of a loved one can be devastating to any of us; it can be even harder for a child.

It is for this reason that CancerCare has a dedicated Children and Young Peoples Service (CYPS) team which offers free support to clients from the age of three to 18 years, their parents and carers.


CancerCare’s team of qualified CYPS Therapists work with children as young as three in specially equipped therapy rooms within each of our centres.

Providing a safe and confidential space gives children the opportunity to ‘tell their story’ and the chance to express themselves in many different ways including:

Play – dressing up, role play, and playing with toys are great tools that allow children to make sense of their world



Art and creative expression – using clay, paints or collages can enable the young person to depict feelings, memories, and fears that they may have previously found difficult to speak about

Counselling and group support– helping children realise that their feelings and ideas are in fact ‘normal’

CancerCare also offers consultations for parents/carers, for support at any time.



The Children and Young Peoples Service also delivers training to other professionals to assist in understanding cancer, serious illness and the impact of death, from a child or young person’s perspective.


For more more information please contact the CancerCare Therapy Coordination Team on 01524 381 820 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.