Volunteers and staff work together to spruce up centre

on Friday, 11 May 2018. Posted in Blog Tags Barrow, Blog

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Hello from Lancaster! Today our staff and volunteers have been working together on gardening, painting and cleaning at our Slynedales Centre in Lancaster.

I really liked the resilience quotation that our hypnotherapist, Georgina Whittle, circulated earlier this week, so much so as its repeated below:

“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

There have been a few occasions recently when I have thought about this statement and it’s helped in those sometimes difficult or awkward moments we all experience.

After a shorter working week, but no less busy, we are ending the week with our annual clean-up day here at Slynedales.

It’s our usual attempt to keep the grounds looking great and to carry out some bench painting. They now look great and are ready for summer!

Massive thanks to everyone for helping out for a few hours  - especially our volunteers.

On Tuesday I held my first appraisal with Alison Stainthorpe (our Head of Operations) and it was good to reflect on what has been a busy and productive year and to look forward. 

Ingrid Kent has been working away on the finishing touches to our three year plan document: “Helping now and looking to the future”. Once a couple of minor alterations are completed it will be circulated to all. 

On Wednesday I continued my tour of the local integrated care committees and got a great welcome from the ICC based in Dalton.

The doctor’s surgery in the town, which was the venue we had our posters and leaflets proudly on display, were really keen to hear more about our work. A bit of a plea - if you live locally and are passing your GP surgery, please take some leaflets in and put them on display or ask permission to do so. We can never stop spreading our message!

This weekend we have a number of fundraising activities going on - most notably its Bark in the Park on Sunday in Lancaster so please spread the word and if you are local, pop along. The team would really appreciate any support you can give.

Alan and I, of course, are taking part in the Coniston to Barrow walk along with a CancerCare team from Kendal on Saturday. If you can afford to, please make a small donation to support me and Alan. Please make a donation by using this link.


Rachel Minshull and Ingrid Kent will be on a water station on the day so make sure you have a pic with our 'CancerCare - We'll Be There' selfie frame!

Whatever you are doing, enjoy the promised sunshine.



Neil Townsend

Chief Executive Officer