Staff make lunch as a way of saying 'thank you' to volunteers

on Friday, 26 January 2018. Posted in Blog

Chief Executive Neil's Weekly Blog

It was simply a great pleasure to welcome some of our volunteers from Lancaster and Kendal to a celebratory lunch on Tuesday and Thursday; a chance for the staff team to say 'thank you' for everything our volunteers do during the year. 

Pam McInnes with the cake she made for the volunteers

We had lovely food, a chance to chat and volunteers had a catch up with each other.

Andrea Partridge was responsible for getting the two lunches organised and a big thanks for the Jacobs join lunch that so many colleagues contributed to. It was a lovely and fitting way to celebrate our volunteers and how they work together to make a difference to CancerCare.

The Kendal Crew with Anna Saczek letting the group know all about our exciting events for 2018

Andrew, our Chairman, with the lovely food at Kendal

Volunteers at the Lancaster event

Either side of the volunteer lunches I had been invited to speak at two conferences - one in Lancaster, the other in Penrith. These were organised by Baines Wilson, a legal and HR Company who are promoting the positive support of staff in local business. They were a good opportunity for me to continue to spread the word about our work and how the care and support of a staff member who is effected by cancer or bereavement makes perfect sense. Running through both conferences was a theme again of working together and being supportive.

On Wednesday I was able to attend a full day event run my Macmillan in Garstang which brought together teams of key healthcare professionals, charities and patients to review the work of all the Living with and Beyond Cancer projects across Lancashire and Cumbria.

Our aims are to share best practice and learning and continue to work together to improve cancer services. It was a really excellent event, topped off with two inspirational speakers, both cancer survivors who told their own stories, simply motivational to all in the room.

Both have Facebook and live blogs that are worth checking out: Greig Trout, founder of 101 things to do when you survive and Louise Harlow, the carer’s perspective. The day was captured by a cartoon artist, a couple of examples I photographed and are shown below. Have a look.

Today I am having 1-1 catch up time with Alison Dixey (Head of Client Services) and Alison Stainthorpe (Head of Operations) and later in the day catching up with Sue Thompson (from Rosemere) and Jeannette Smalley (from Cancer Help) to think about work we can promote or do together.

Tomorrow we are holding a Trustees 'away day' at Slynedales which will involve forward planning, working together and trying to make a positive difference.

Alan will be picking me up at 4.30pm to drive us both to Liverpool to meet friends for dinner and a sleep over. Sunday will be a rest day.

Whatever you are doing have a great weekend!

Neil Townsend

Chief Executive