Learning how to believe in yourself

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Hypnothought with David Faratian

Hypnotherapist for CancerCare, David Faratian, writes a regular blog on hypnosis and how it can help in many situations. Here David writes about a woman he supported to walk over fire and broken glass for CancerCare.

In my practice I come across wonderful people all the time who have unfortunately lost the ability to believe in themselves.

Through unconscious coaching anyone can train their unconscious minds to install new 'software' which can empower self-belief and confidence.

You see hypnosis can achieve something quite special once it is fully understood.

Our minds create emotions through the 'pictures' we create with our imaginations.

Once a person 'sees' themselves failing in a certain situation then the mind obliges by creating the symptoms often associated with failing; fast heartbeat, dizziness, fast breathing.

These symptoms are clearly symptomatic of adrenalin release but what is often underestimated is the power of unconscious thought to re-rehearse a different outcome under trance so that the person can access that more resourceful part of their system to experience a process without the same unpleasant physical feelings.

Often it is not the fear which is the issue but the feeling of the fear.

Someone who is scared of dentist isn't actually scared of dentists, more they are scared of the feeling of being scared.

Once this is processed almost any phobia can be reprocessed and eliminated.

David Faratian

Introducing Lorraine. Lorraine approached me recently with an unusual request.

She needed to perform a fire and ice walk for charity to raise money for CancerCare.

Naturally, the anxiety of walking on hot coals and then across broken glass was stimulating her 'panic centre', and the prospect of completing the task was overwhelming.

Through a number of hypnotic techniques, Lorraine was quickly able to re-imagine the outcome of the task in hand with a clear sense of inner calm and control and this was how she was able to successfully complete the walk and raise the money for her cause.

The power of human determination is referenced through the thoughts we generate and how those thoughts relate to our model of the world.

Change the thought you change the emotion; change the emotion and literally, anything becomes possible…

Here is the link for the event: