A week of many hats!

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CancerCare CEO Neil's Weekly Blog

Good Morning - can I start my blog this week with a huge thank you to all the volunteers, staff and our friends from the Cumberland Building Society in Lancaster who joined in with our clear up day in the grounds here at Slynedales.

Visitors comment all the time how nice they are, "our peaceful oasis” – but they take a lot of work, and it’s mainly due to Simon that they look so good.  


mind LOGO

The work on the summer house, which will create a reflective space for staff to use, is one part of the wide ranging amount of work we are doing to improve even more the mental and physical health of our staff. This week we also held our project start meeting with representatives from MIND as we prepare to take part in the well-being index 2017 for the second year. This will be launched in the autumn, so more on this later but I hope that all staff, like last year, will take part and tell us their views so we can continue to learn and develop.


I have paid visits this week to two of our drop-in groups, Ambleside on Monday, taking Anna with me to meet the group and of course Joan Newby. The room was buzzing with activity. Later in the week I was in Kendal and was really pleased to see the group (pictured above) busier than ever, welcoming new faces and planning a whole host of events for the coming weeks.

On Wednesday afternoon I was “inducted” by Vicki Lofthouse, the Chief Officer of the Lancaster & District Chamber of Commerce, along with its new President Alistair Eagles, who is the CEO of Seatruck Ferries at Heysham Port. I hope that my involvement in the Chamber will bring lots of useful benefits and contacts for CancerCare. We are already planning a specific event for the charity and third sector members of the Chamber so exciting stuff.

IncaThis week some of you will have met Inca, a lovely student who has been spending time with different teams, learning all about CancerCare. She told me; "When I was shown around the building and met some of the brilliant people who work here I saw a quote which read, along the lines of, - Coming to Cancer Care is like receiving a warm hug from a friend-  which very much range true and stuck with me throughout the week, as a warm and welcoming hug is what I felt I had received."

Thanks Inca, I hope you have both enjoyed your time here and learnt something about the amazing work we do.

Equally, I had a smashing photograph of yours truly complete with Pirates hat, taken last night at the Dukes Theatre production of “Treasure Ireland” in Williamson Park. It was an amazing experience and I would encourage any of you if you have not done so already to book tickets and go along with family, friends and children (who will love it). You will not be disappointed and of course you will be supporting a unique local professional theatre. For me, it also had an official side to the evening meeting a number of key local politicians and other partners both as a Trustee of the Dukes and with a CancerCare hat too (not the pirates one!)

Regards, Neil