CancerCare appoints new Service User Trustee

on Thursday, 25 April 2019.

CancerCare welcomes Karen Hine as a Service User Trustee.

CancerCare appoints new Service User Trustee

CancerCare are delighted to announce we have appointed Karen Hine as our Service User Trustee. 

A very warm welcome to Karen, as she starts this new role this June. After a skills audit and discussions at Trustee level, it was felt that having a service user on the trustee board would be invaluable.

Karen started her volunteering role at the Knocker Jotter – however, she decided at the last minute to pose for one of the photos, as well as continually supporting promotion of the Knocker Jotter. As well as this, she continues to deliver talks to her ‘brownies groups’ about her involvement, as well as what we do here at CancerCare.

Karen is also a member of the Patient Experience & Engagement oversight group, helping to make changes within the Lancashire & South Cumbria Cancer Alliance for patient experience and patient pathways.

Karen was on the interview panel at the breast unit in Lancaster in recruiting for the position of the breast care coordinators role and last but not least Karen is a very supportive member of our volunteer reception team she began this role by covering holidays but is now a regular covering many shifts a week.

We wish her the very best of luck in this exciting new role.