We're Keeping Good Company

on Thursday, 21 February 2019.

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We're Keeping Good Company

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Good morning from Lancaster, I am just about to attend the drop in at Kendal and catch up with the group. A shorter working week for me but no less eventful. I have said it so many times this role is so varied. With a week’s holiday planned, Alan and I are looking forward to a winter break, however when I return to work on the 4th March I only have 4 weeks to work before I retire, time is running out, so a big emphasis for me is closing down lots of loose ends and leaving a clean and healthy slate come the end of March

At our SMT on Monday we went over the preparations for the next staff meeting, looking forward to seeing you on the 4th March and the following day I spent some valuable handover time with our Chairman Andrew, who continues to give me and the whole team great support, along with all the trustees but in particular Gill our vice chair and Fiona our simply amazing treasurer.

Going from strength to strength

It’s pleasing to report back how well the Keeping Good Company scheme is going since we launched it from a small idea a couple of years ago. A simple but effective way of recognising, thanking and celebrating the fantastic corporate support we receive. One of our promises was to host an event, which we will be doing on Thursday 21st March here at Slynedales with other events likely to develop in Kendal and Barrow overtime. Hopefully we will be welcoming a number of people to share a glass of wine and allow us to say thank you and give feedback on how their donations have helped CancerCare.

On Wednesday I was able to catch up with Gary Rycroft a long standing supporter of CancerCare and one of the founding members of our will writing service which we have recently launched. It’s got off to a good start, but please remember its existence and spread the word to family and friends. If you are making or updating your will, please consider leaving a gift to CancerCare. Any bequest, big or small will help us to ensure that we can be here to support local people affected by cancer, now and for future generations. Making or amending your Will to leave a gift to CancerCare is one of the kindest gestures you could make. Of course, we understand that when making a Will, the needs of your family and loved ones will always come first. However, once you’ve looked after those closest to you, leaving a gift to CancerCare could make an amazing difference to the lives of many more people; people in our community whose lives are affected by cancer.

On Thursday Fiona was in the office working with various colleagues on the final version of our 2019/20 operational budget, more about the figures and future plans at our staff meeting, but lots to report and look forward too. It is true, charity finances are a bit of a roller coaster!

Sound planning, some risks to consider.

We will of course by the time I get back from leave will have welcomed Emma Athersmith, as she officially starts her new role as Head of Fundraising on the 1st March, at the same time and sadly we will say a fond goodbye to Ingrid Kent who leaves us for a new role next week at the local hospital trust, our loss is their gain, you will be missed Ingrid and thank you.

Thanks Ingrid!!!
Whatever you are doing over the weekend enjoy, blogging will resume on Friday 8th March.