1-2-1 Therapies

CancerCare's wide range of services complement treatments & advice from other healthcare professionals, delivered by our experienced team of therapists.



What is it? Counselling provides an opportunity to talk about concerns you have in a respectful, supportive and confidential setting. Counselling can help you develop greater self-understanding, get a different perspective, find ways forward and in doing so reduce anxiety and stress. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to somebody outside your circle of family and friends. Being able to offload thoughts and feelings can make coping with everyday life easier.

Counselling can also help with: Coming to terms with a diagnosis, exploring feelings of loss & bereavement, coping with the demands of caring, exploring end of life issues, dealing with changes in relationships, coming to terms with loss of physical or sexual function.

Aromatherapy and therapeutic massage

What is it? Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils extracted from aromatic plants, flowers, fruits, herbs, grasses and trees. Aromatherapy uses gentle massage with an individual prescription of aromatic oils to relieve symptoms and promote relaxation and general well-being. Therapeutic Massage uses systematic manipulation of a body’s soft tissues to enhance circulation and breathing, release muscle tension, improve sleep, modify anxiety, reduce pain and produce deep relaxation.

It can also help with: Lymphoedema (Simple Lymphatic Drainage), pain management, scar tissue, and anxiety. 

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What is it? The Alexander Technique is a thoughtful way to address body problems. It uses a light touch and simple explanation to help recognise how we hold stress and tension in our bodies, how to let go of this and find greater ease and wellbeing.

It can also help with: body alignment issues, pain management, increasing bodily awareness, the use of energy within the body post-surgery or treatment.

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What is it? Hypnotherapy offers relaxation of mind and body. It helps prepare for and reduce the side

effects of medical treatment, encourages self-confidence and resourcefulness. Hypnotherapy works at a deep psychological level to address and resolve personal problems and ease the physical and emotional effects of medical treatments.

Hypnotherapy can also help with: high anxiety levels, relaxation, flashbacks, nausea, sleep problems, weight management, swallowing difficulties, needle phobia, smoking cessation & pain management.

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Acupressure involves applying pressure to points called accupoints throughout the body. When these acupressure points are stimulated they release muscular tension, promote circulation of blood and enhance the body's energy to aid healing.

hand massage


What is it? Indian Head Massage is a seated massage. It can be given with or without oils, with clothing on or top half removed, or wrapped in a towel.  It includes massaging the neck, shoulders, upper arms, scalp and face. The skull is covered with a thin layer of muscle which tightens when we are feeling tense, resulting in a headache and/or feelings of anxiety. By relaxing the muscles, a head massage can improve blood flow, alleviate anxiety and relax the whole body.

It can also help with: relieving stress, earache, eye strain, tinnitus, aching jaws from clenching or grinding teeth, sinusitis and congestion, tension headaches, migraine & insomnia.


Reiki is a technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. The therapist gently places their hands on or near your body. There is no massage or manipulation. The whole person is treated rather than specific areas.


Reflexology is gentle manipulation or pressing on certain parts of the foot to produce an effect elsewhere in the body.

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